In honor of the 101st anniversary of the National Park System and the 62nd anniversary of  Booker T. Washington National Monument, the Friends Group  invited 101  local leaders and businesses to sponsor the park through The Friends Group by joining the 101st Booker T. Washington Bucket Challenge with an annual donation gift of $100.  This leadership gift will preserve this piece of history and help it continue so that future generations can discover the legacy of Booker T. Washington and the richness of Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.

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             About The Friends ...

In January 2008 the Booker T. Washington National Monument Superintendent asked a group of passionate volunteers to share more of their time and talents to form

Twelve volunteers met in February 2008 to organize and plan the Friends organization. Since that time, via a formal cooperative agreement, the Friends have grown into the Monument's primary partner supplementing the overall well-being of the Park. The purpose of this group was/is to support the Park in areas where federal shortages can not support programs, events and personnel.


The Friends, unencumbered by Federal regulations, seek to provide the means for additional porgramming, community outreach, advocacy and financial assistance. In addition to volunteer time, The Friends implement an annual program for membership, and raise funds and awareness for the Park.


Monthly Board meetings are held at 5 PM at the Park on the second Tuesday of each month. All are invited to participate.



"I think I have learned the best way to lift one's self up is to help someone else."

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